Network information settings determine the transport zone, network profile to use when provisioning, and reservation policy.

About this task


If your multi-machine service consists of an NSX logical router that includes routed and private networks, machines on the routed networks cannot access machines on the private networks and vice-versa within that multi-machine service. If you require connectivity between the machines on the routed and private network, add a second virtual network adapter (NIC) to the machines on the routed network and also connect the second adapter to the private network.

See NSX Administration Guide.



  1. Click the Network tab.
  2. Select a transport zone from the Transport zone drop-down menu.

    A vCenter Server administrator creates transport zones and adds clusters to them. A transport zone defines which clusters the multi-machine networks span.

  3. Choose a network profile.
  4. Select a reservation policy from the Reservation policy drop-down menu.

    This option requires additional configuration by a fabric administrator to create a reservation policy.

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