Optionally, you can configure alerts to send notifications whenever reserved resources run low.

About this task

Alerts are an optional step in the reservation configuration. If you do not want to set alerts, click OK to save your reservation.

If configured, alerts are generated daily, rather than when the specified thresholds are reached.


Notifications are only sent if emails are configured and notifications are enabled. See Tenant Administration.


Specify Resources.


  1. Click the Alerts tab.
  2. Set capacity alerts to On.
  3. Use the sliders to set thresholds for resource allocation.
  4. Type one or more user email addresses or group names to receive alert notifications in the Recipients text box.

    Press Enter to separate multiple entries.

  5. Select Send alerts to group manager to include group managers in the email alerts.
  6. Choose a reminder frequency (days).
  7. Click OK.


You can configure optional policies such as build profiles and reservation policies or begin preparing for provisioning.