There are required and optional configurations that are performed by IaaS administrators, tenant administrators, and fabric administrators in order to fully implement and customize the IaaS feature of vRealize Automation.

The Configuring IaaS Checklist provides a high-level overview of the sequence of steps required to have a fully functioning IaaS instance.

Table 1. Configuring IaaS checklist


Required Role

Check Box Store credentials and create endpoints to bring resources under vRealize Automation management.

See Bringing Resources Under vCloud Automation Center Management.

IaaS administrator

Check Box Configure the machine prefixes used to create names for machines provisioned through vRealize Automation.

See Configure Machine Prefixes.

Fabric administrator

Check Box Create at least one business group of users who need to request machines.

See Create a Business Group.

Tenant administrator

Check Box Create at least one reservation to allocate resources to a business group.

See Create a Physical Reservation.

Fabric administrator

Check Box Configure optional policies and settings.

See Optional Configurations.

Fabric administrator

Check Box Depending on your intended method of provisioning, preparation outside of vRealize Automation might be required before you can start creating machine blueprints. For example, if you intend to use WIM provisioning, you need to include the vRealize Automation guest agent in your WinPE.

See Choosing a Provisioning Scenario.

Outside of vRealize Automation

Check Box Create and publish machine blueprints.

See Choosing a Blueprint Scenario.

  • Tenant administrator

  • Business group manager

Before users can request machines, a tenant administrator must configure the service catalog. See Tenant Administration.