Tenant administrators and business group managers can enable Snapshot Manager in machines created from a vSphere blueprint. This allows users to capture snapshots of their virtual machines and keep space-efficient copies of the original VM image.


  • Log in to the vRealize Automation console as a tenant administrator or business group manager.

  • Create at least one vSphere blueprint.


  1. Select Infrastructure > Blueprints > Blueprints.
  2. Point to the blueprint you want to change and click Edit.
  3. Click the Actions tab.
  4. Specify whether to allow users to use Snapshot Manager to create, apply, and delete snapshots of their machine.
  5. Configure the age limit and number of snapshots you allow users to take and apply.
    1. Click the Properties tab.
    2. Click New Property.
    3. Configure the custom properties.




      Sets the number of snapshots allowed per machine. The default setting is one snapshot per machine. This property applies to vSphere provisioning. When set to 0, the blueprint option to create a snapshot is hidden for all users except for support and manager roles.


      Sets the age limit, in days, for snapshots that can be applied to machines. This property applies to vSphere provisioning.

    4. Click the Save icon (Save).
  6. Click OK.