Instead of adding endpoints one at a time by using the vRealize Automation console, you can import a list of endpoints of various types by uploading a CSV file.

The CSV file must contain a header row with the expected fields. Fields are case sensitive and must be in a specific order. You can upload multiple endpoints of varying types with the same CSV file. For vCloud Director, system administrator accounts are imported, rather than organization administrator endpoints.

Table 1. CSV File Fields and Their Order for Importing Endpoints





You can upload multiple types of endpoints in a single file.

  • AmazonEC2

  • Openstack

  • vCloud

  • vCO

  • CiscoUCS

  • DellIdrac

  • HPIlo

  • NetAppOnTap


  • KVM

  • vSphere


(Required for all interface types except Amazon AWS) URL for the endpoint. For information about the required format for your platform type, see the appropriate procedure to create an endpoint for your platform.


(Required) Name you gave the user credentials when you stored them in vRealize Automation.


(Required) Provide a name for the endpoint. For RedHat Openstack, the address is used as the default name.


(Optional) Provide a description for the endpoint.


(Optional) For physical machines, you can provide the datacenter where the machine is located.


(Optional) For physical machines, you can provide the row where the machine is located.


(Optional) For physical machines, you can provide the rack where the machine is located.


(Required for RedHat Openstack only) Provide the tenant name for the endpoint.