Distributed installations that use load balancers support the use of more than one vRealize Appliance in a deployment. Each appliance in the deployment must belong to a cluster.

About this task

You join a vRealize Appliance to a cluster from the management console. The join operation copies appliance configuration information for the cluster to the appliance you are adding to the cluster, including certificate, SSO, licensing, database, and messaging information.

Perform this task from the management console of each server you want to join to the cluster except for the leading cluster node.

The join operation is not required for the leading cluster node because the join operation links the leading cluster node with the node from whose management console you are working, which makes both nodes part of the same cluster. After an appliance is part of the cluster, you can specify its FQDN as the leading cluster node.


When you add the first node to a cluster, you might need to reimport or recreate the certificate. Also, you should add nodes to a cluster one at a time and not in parallel.



  1. Navigate to the vRealize Appliance management console by using its fully qualified domain name, https://vra-va-hostname.domain.name:5480/.
  2. Continue past any certificate warnings.
  3. Log in with user name root and the password you specified when deploying the vRealize Appliance.
  4. Select vRA Settings > Cluster.
  5. Enter the FQDN of a previously configured vRealize Appliance in the Leading Cluster Node text box.

    You can use the FQDN of the primary vRealize Appliance, or any vRealize Appliance that is already joined to the cluster.

  6. Type the root password in the Password text box.
  7. Click Join Cluster.
  8. Continue past any certificate warnings.

    Services for the cluster are restarted.

  9. Verify that services are running.
    1. Click the Services tab.
    2. Click the Refresh tab to monitor the progress of service startup.