After installation, the IaaS administrator logs into the vRealize Automation console and provides a license for the Infrastructure components.


Appoint Administrators.


  1. Navigate to the vRealize Appliance console by using its fully qualified domain name,
  2. If you are prompted, accept the certificate.
  3. Log in to the vRealize Automation console as a user with the IaaS administrator role.

    For example,

    If you are already logged in to the console, log out and log in again.

  4. Click the Infrastructure tab.
  5. Navigate to Administration > Licensing.
  6. Click Add License.
  7. Enter the VMware license code in the License key text box.
  8. Verify that your license key displays in the License Information table.
  9. Click OK.

What to do next

Repeat this procedure to add additional license keys.