When the host name for a vRealize Appliance is changed, the system administrator must update Identity Appliance SSO registration.


  1. Navigate to the vRealize Appliance management console by using its fully qualified domain name, https://vra-va-hostname.domain.name:5480/.
  2. Log in with user name root and the password you specified when deploying the Identity Appliance.
  3. Go to vRA Settings > SSO.
  4. Verify that the fully qualified name for the Identity Appliance, identity-va-hostname.domain.name, appears in the SSO Host text box.

    For example, vra-sso.mycompany.com.

    The https:// prefix is not used.

  5. Verify that :7444 is the entry in the SSO Port text box.
  6. Verify that the SSO default tenant is vsphere.local.

    Do not change this name.

  7. Type the default administrator name administrator@vsphere.local in the SSO Admin User text box.
  8. Type the SSO administrator password in the SSO Admin Password text box.

    The password must match the password you specified in the SSO settings for the Identity Appliance.

  9. Click Save Settings.


The Identity Appliance is updated with certificate information for the new vRealize Appliance host name.