In vRealize Automation 6.0 or later, only notifications generated by the IaaS component can be customized by using the email template functionality from earlier versions.


You can use the following XSLT templates:

  • ArchivePeriodExpired

  • EpiRegister

  • EpiUnregister

  • LeaseAboutToExpire

  • LeaseExpired

  • LeaseExpiredPowerOff

  • ManagerLeaseAboutToExpire

  • ManagerLeaseExpired

  • ManagerReclamationExpiredLeaseModified

  • ManagerReclamationForcedLeaseModified

  • ReclamationExpiredLeaseModified

  • ReclamationForcedLeaseModified

  • VdiRegister

  • VdiUnregister

Email templates are located in the \Templates directory under the server installation directory, typically %SystemDrive%\Program Files x86\VMware\vCAC\Server. The \Templates directory also includes XSLT templates that are no longer supported and cannot be modified. For more information about configuring notifications, see Configuring Notifications in the VMware vCloud Automation Center 6.2 Documentation Center.