A system administrator downloads the installer to a Windows 2008 or Windows 2012 physical or virtual machine.

About this task

If you see certificate warnings during this process, continue past them to finish the installation.


  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 or later must be installed on the IaaS installation machine. You can download the .NET installer from the installer Web page.

  • If you are using Internet Explorer for the download, verify that Enhanced Security Configuration is not enabled. See res://iesetup.dll/SoftAdmin.htm.

  • Log in to the Windows server as a local administrator.


  1. Log in to the Windows machine where you are about to perform the installation.
  2. Open a Web browser.
  3. Enter the URL of the VMware vRealize Automation IaaS Installation download page.

    For example, https://vra-va-hostname.domain.name:5480/installer, where vra-va-hostname.domain.name is the name of the vRealize Appliance host.

  4. Download the installer by clicking on the IaaS Installer link.
  5. When prompted, save the installer file, setup__vra-va-hostname.domain.name@5480, to the desktop.

    Do not change the file name. It is used to connect the installation to the vRealize Appliance.