After the Management Site certificate is updated in a high-availability deployment, the Management Agent configuration must be modified so that it recognizes the new certificate. This is necessary to reestablish trusted communications between the virtual appliance management site and Management Agents on IaaS host. Each IaaS host runs a Management Agent and each Management Agent must be updated.

About this task

You can update vRealize Appliance management site certificate information for distributed systems manually or automatically. For information about manually updating Management Agents, see Manually Update Management Agents to Recognize a vRealize Appliance Management Site Certificate.

Use this procedure to update the certificate information automatically.


  1. When Management Agents are running, replace the certificate on a single vRealize Appliance management site in your deployment.
  2. Wait fifteen minutes for the Management Agent to synchronize with the new vRealize Appliance management site certificate.
  3. Replace certificates on other vRealize Appliance management sites in your deployment.

    Management Agents are automatically updated with the new certificate information.