An error message indicating a communication problem between the vRealize Appliance and the Identity Appliance appears when a problem exists in Common Name.


Error Communicating to the Remote Server error message appears when you configure the SSO from the vRealize Appliance management console, even when the configuration is correct and the virtual appliances are communicating successfully.


The Common Name or the alternative names in the Identity SSL certificate do not match the hostname in the SSO URL you entered in the vRealize Appliance.


  1. In the Identity Appliance management console, replace the SSL certificate, making sure you enter as common name exactly the same FQDN (no protocol or port included) as it is accessed from vRealize Appliance.
  2. Navigate to the Identity Appliance management console by using its fully qualified domain name,
  3. Replace the SSL certificate and type the fully qualified domain name of the SSO host (as it is accessed from the vRealize Appliance) in the Common Name text box.

    Do not include the https:// prefix or the port number.