You can use the vRealize Automation REST API catalog service to request a vCloud Air machine as defined in a blueprint or you can override the default values of the blueprint by adding properties to your JSON input file to override default values.


Use the supported input parameters to control the command output.






Specifies the host name and fully qualified domain name or IP address of the vRealize Automation identity server.


Specifies a valid HTTP bearer token with necessary credentials.

JSON file or string input

Add required JSON input to the command line. See Syntax for Constructing a JSON File for a vCloud Air Machine Request.


The command output contains property names and values based on the command input parameters.




Displays the object version number.


Specifies the item state, such as submitted.


Specifies a status indicating whether this request has been approved, rejected, or is still pending some form of approval.


Specifies a status indicating whether this request is waiting on any external users or services before it is able to progress.


Specifies a more user-friendly identifier for this request.


Specifies the current execution status of the request.


Specifies the localized state name.


Specifies the current phase of the request, which is more coarse grained and easier for users to understand.


Specifies the unique identifier of this resource.


Specifies an icon for this request based on the requested object type.


Contains a brief description of this request.


Specifies the business reasons entered by the requestor or owner of this request.


Specifies the ID of the user for whom this request is logged.


Specifies the ID of the user who actually submitted the request


Subtenant and/or tenant owner of this request.


Specified the value of the requestorEntitlement setting.


Specifies the ID of the preApproval setting.


Specifies the ID of the approval generated for the post-provisioning workflow step.


Specifies the date when this request was sent to the catalog.


Specifies the date when this request was last updated.


Specifies the date when this request was first submitted.


Specifies the date when this request was approved.


Specifies the date when this request was completed.


Contains a quote made by the provider defining the estimated cost(s) associated with the request and/or any resources provisioned as a result of the request.


Contains additional request completion information.


Contains a map of the provider-specific field-value pairs collected for this request.


Specifies the number of attempts remaining to move this request from its current state to the next state in the request workflow.

Some state transitions require calls to external services. These calls may fail due to transient errors such as momentary network errors. In these cases, the catalog will retry the call a number of times before failing.

This property defines the number of retries remaining for the current state transition. When it reaches 0, the catalog will stop retrying and mark the request as failed. This property is reset to the default number of retries for every new operation that is triggered.


Specifies the item name.


Specifies the item description.

curl Command

The following example command submits a vCloud Air machine request, where C:/Temp/requestMachine.json is the file name and location of the JSON file that contains the necessary information for processing the request.

curl --insecure -H "Content-Type: application/json" 
-H "Authorization: Bearer $token” 
https://$host/catalog-service/api/consumer/requests --verbose --data @C:/Temp/requestMachine.json

JSON Output with Request and Response Headers

Display the request and response headers with the output. Reference the following example to submit a vCloud Air machine request by using JSON inline text that contains the necessary information, rather than by using a JSON file that contains the necessary information.

In this example, the @C:\vca.txt entry calls a vca.txt file that contains the request payload.

rest post --headers --service catalog-service --u consumer/requests --d @C:\vca.txt
Request Headers
             Accept = application/json
       Content-Type = application/json
     Content-Length = 2721
     Accept-Charset = big5, big5-hkscs, euc-jp, euc-kr, gb18030, gb2312, gbk, ibm-thai, ibm00858, ibm01140, ibm01141, ibm01142, ibm01143, ibm01144, ibm01145, ibm01146, ibm01147, ibm01148, ibm01149, ibm
37, ibm500, ibm775, ibm850, ibm852, ibm855, ibm857, ibm860, ibm861, ibm862, ibm863, ibm864, ibm865, ibm866, ibm868, ibm869, ibm870, ibm871, ibm918, iso-2022-cn, iso-2022-jp, iso-2022-jp-2, iso-2022-kr,
iso-8859-7, iso-8859-8, iso-8859-9, jis_x0201, jis_x0212-1990, koi8-r, koi8-u, shift_jis, tis-620, us-ascii, utf-16, utf-16be, utf-16le, utf-32, utf-32be, utf-32le, utf-8, windows-1250, windows-1251, w
ndows-31j, x-big5-hkscs-2001, x-big5-solaris, x-euc-jp-linux, x-euc-tw, x-eucjp-open, x-ibm1006, x-ibm1025, x-ibm1046, x-ibm1097, x-ibm1098, x-ibm1112, x-ibm1122, x-ibm1123, x-ibm1124, x-ibm1364, x-ibm
x-ibm922, x-ibm930, x-ibm933, x-ibm935, x-ibm937, x-ibm939, x-ibm942, x-ibm942c, x-ibm943, x-ibm943c, x-ibm948, x-ibm949, x-ibm949c, x-ibm950, x-ibm964, x-ibm970, x-iscii91, x-iso-2022-cn-cns, x-iso-20
ccroatian, x-maccyrillic, x-macdingbat, x-macgreek, x-machebrew, x-maciceland, x-macroman, x-macromania, x-macsymbol, x-macthai, x-macturkish, x-macukraine, x-ms932_0213, x-ms950-hkscs, x-ms950-hkscs-x
, x-windows-50221, x-windows-874, x-windows-949, x-windows-950, x-windows-iso2022jp
        subtenantId =
Response Headers
               Date = Tue, 11 November 2015 23:57:43 GMT
               ETag = "0"
           Location =
       Content-Type = application/json;charset=UTF-8
     Content-Length = 0
               Vary = Accept-Encoding,User-Agent
         Keep-Alive = timeout=15, max=100
         Connection = Keep-Alive