You can use the vRealize Automation REST API catalog service to retrieve a page of published blueprint catalog items that you can use to find the catalog item that corresponds to the vCloud Air blueprint for a vCloud Air machine request.

Process Overview

Use the following sequence to find a vCloud Air blueprint for use in creating a vCloud Air machine request.

  1. From the list of your entitled catalog items, find the catalog item that corresponds to the vCloud Air blueprint to use for the request. You can search on the catalog item ID Infrastructure.vCloudAir to locate a published vCloud Air blueprint.

  2. In the catalog item output that contains a catalog item ID Infrastructure.vACloudAir entry, locate the following entries that are required by the vCloud Air machine request:

    • Catalog item ID, for example c2cacf7c-b3c8-47fb-a938-2c09910b6713

    • Tenant reference, for example sqa.

    • Blueprint identifier (binding ID), for example 46548940-eb20-4368-9e73-c1685cda8c64.

    • Business group (subtenant ID), for example name1.

      If the business group value is null, you do need to enter a business group value in the vCloud Air machine request.

If the request information about a catalog item for which one is not entitled, or the blueprint catalog item is not published, then the request is rejected.


Use the supported input parameters to control the command output.




Specifies a page number. Specifies the default value is 1.


Specifies the number of entries displayed on a page. Specifies the default value is 10.


Specifies how the results are sorted and paginated.


Specifies how many results to skip before computing pagination.


Specifies a Boolean expression to define whether a particular entry be included in the response. Each API supports a different set of filterable fields.


The command output contains property names and values based on the command input parameters.




Displays the object version number.


Specifies the unique identifier of this resource.


Specifies the type of the resource that results from requesting the catalog item.


Specifies the user friendly name of the catalog item. Specifies the property type is string.


Specifies a short description of the catalog item. Specifies the property type is string.


Specifies the life cycle stage of the catalog item.


Specifies the life cycle status name, such as Active.


Specifies the type of the catalog item.


Specifies the catalog service that contains the catalog item.


Specifies the associated icon representing this item.


Specifies the subtenant and/or tenant to which this item belongs


Specifies the provider side identifier of this item.


Specifies the forms that are associated with catalog items of this type.


Specifies the callbacks to the provider that are supported by this catalog item.


Specifies if the catalog item should be highlighted to users for a period of time.


Specifies the date that this item was created in the catalog.


Specifies the date that this item was last updated in the catalog.

For sample curl and REST API calls, sample output is provided.

curl Command

The following example command displays the catalog items that you are entitled to view, including published vCloud Air blueprints, one page at a time with a maximum of 10 items on each page.

curl --insecure -H "Content-Type: application/json" 
-H "Authorization: Bearer $token” 

JSON Output

The following JSON output is returned based on the command input.

The following highlighted items, for this example, are required when you submit a request for a vCloud Air machine.

    "@type" : "CatalogItem",
    "id" : "c2cacf7c-b3c8-47fb-a938-2c09910b6713",
    "version" : 1,
    "name" : "vApp",
    "description" : "",
    "status" : "PUBLISHED",
    "organization" : {
      "tenantRef" : "acx",
      "tenantLabel" : "ACX",
      "subtenantRef" : null,
      "subtenantLabel" : null
    "providerBinding" : {
      "bindingId" : "46548940-eb20-4368-9e73-c1685cda8c64",
      "providerRef" : {
        "id" : "ba3b18dd-a891-48d2-a3e7-faed239990ed",
        "label" : "iaas-service"
    "forms" : null,
    "callbacks" : null,
    "isNoteworthy" : false,
    "dateCreated" : "2014-09-18T23:50:52.858Z",
    "lastUpdatedDate" : "2014-11-11T23:52:14.407Z",
    "iconId" : "cafe_default_icon_genericCatalogItem",
    "catalogItemTypeRef" : {
      "id" : "Infrastructure.vCloudAir",
      "label" : "vCD vApp"
    "serviceRef" : {
      "id" : "ca6b9988-fe07-4b25-b465-3e0c905b7aad",
      "label" : "vCloud Air machine"
    "outputResourceTypeRef" : {
      "id" : "Infrastructure.vCloudAir",
      "label" : "vCloud Air machine"
  } ],
  "metadata" : {
    "size" : 10,
    "totalElements" : 3,
    "totalPages" : 1,
    "number" : 1,
    "offset" : 0