The script mode is similar to the command line mode, except that you can invoke multiple commands in sequence.

About this task

In script mode, you must first create a text file which contains a series of vcac-cli interactive-mode commands. Vcac-cli executes the commands in sequence.


  • Install the API Explorer, if necessary.

  • Your PATH environment variable must contain the location of the vcac-cli (UNIX) or vcac_cli.bat (Windows) script.


  1. Create a text file containing a series of vcac-cli interactive-mode commands.

    For example, enter the folllowing commands in a file named script.txt.

    login --url --user --password password --tenant MYCOMPANY 
    rest get --service workitem-service --u workitems
  2. Run the script and redirect the output.

    $ vcac-cli script script.txt 2> script.out