The command line mode lets you incorporate vcac-cli commands in other scripts and programs.

About this task

You can invoke any supported vcac-cli command and option, including help.


  • Install the API Explorer, if necessary.

  • Your PATH environment variable must contain the location of the vcac-cli (UNIX) or vcac_cli.bat (Windows) script.


  1. Enter the command string on the vcac-cli command line.

    $ vcac-cli command_string

    The output is displayed on the stderr stream.

  2. (Optional) You can redirect the output to a file in Linux or Windows.

    $ vcac-cli system properties 2> output.txt


Run vcac-cli commands in the command line

$ vcac-cli system properties
app.home = /Users/myusername/vcac/cli/shell/target/appassembler = vcac-cli = 12444
app.repo = /Users/myusername/vcac/cli/shell/target/appassembler/repo
. . .