You can use the vRealize Automation REST API catalog service to view all of your requests.


Use the supported input parameters to control the command output.






Specifies the host name and fully qualified domain name or IP address of the vRealize Automation identity server.


Specifies a valid HTTP bearer token with necessary credentials.


The command output contains property names and values based on the command input parameters.




Specifies an array of link objects, each of which contains the following parts:

  • rel

    Specifies the name of the link.

    • Self refers to the object that was returned or requested.

    • First, Previous, Next, and Last refer to corresponding pages of pageable lists.

    • Specifies the application or service that determines the other names.

  • href

    Specifies the URL that produces the result.


Specifies an array of data rows, each of which represents one of the tenant objects returned in a pageable list. Each tenant object can contain the following information:

  • version:

    Displays the object version number.

  • state:

    Specifies the transaction state.

  • approvalStatus:

    Indicates whether this request has been approved, rejected, or is still pending some form of approval.

  • waitingStatus:

    Indicates whether this request is waiting on any external users or services before it is able to progress.

  • requestNumber:

    Specifies the number for this request.

  • executionStatus:

    Indicates the current execution status of the request.

  • stateName:

    Specifies the localized state name.

  • phase:

    Indicates current phase of the request, which is more coarse grained and easier for users to understand.

  • id:

    Specifies the UUID Identifier of this object.

  • iconId:

    Specifies the associated icon representing this item.

  • description:

    Contains a brief description of the tenant.

  • reasons:

    Contains the business reasons entered by the requestor or owner of this request.

  • requestedFor:

    Specifies the ID of the user for whom this request is logged.

  • requestedBy:

    ID of the user who actually submitted the request.

  • organization:

    Specifies the business group or tenant to which this item belongs.

    • tenantRef:

      ID of the tenant.

    • tenantLabel:

      Name of the tenant.

    • subtenantRef:

      ID of the business group.

    • subtenantLabel:

      Name of the business group.

  • requestorEntitlementId:

    Contains the requestorEntitlement value.

  • preApprovalId:

    Specifies the ID of the preApproval entity.

  • postApprovalId:

    Specifies the ID of the approval generated for the post-provisioning workflow step.

  • dateCreated:

    Specifies the date this item was created in catalog.

  • lastUpdatedDate:

    Specifies the date this item was last updated in catalog.

  • dateSubmitted:

    Specifies the date this request was first submitted.

  • dateApproved:

    Specifies the date this request was approved.

  • dateCompleted:

    Specifies the date this request was completed.

  • quote:

    Contains a quote made by the provider defining the estimated cost(s) associated with the request and/or any resources provisioned as a result.

  • requestCompletion:

    Requests completion information.

  • requestData:

    Requests a map of the provider-specific field-value pairs collected for this request.

  • retriesRemaning:

    Specifies the number of attempts remaining to move this request from its current state to the next state in the request workflow.

    Some state transitions require calls to external services. These calls may fail due to transient errors such as momentary network errors. In these cases, the catalog will retry the call a number of times before failing.

    This property defines the number of retries remaining for the current state transition. When it reaches 0, the catalog will stop retrying and mark the request as failed. This property is reset to the default number of retries for every new operation that is triggered.

  • requestedItemName

  • requestedItemDescription


Specifies the paging-related data:

  • Size:

    Specifies the maximum number of rows per page.

  • totalElements:

    Specifies the number of rows returned.

  • totalPages:

    Specifies the total number of pages of data available.

  • Number:

    Specifies the current page number.

  • Offset:

    Specifies the number of rows skipped.

curl Command

The following example command displays all requests.

curl --insecure -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer $token” 

JSON Output

The following JSON output is returned based on the command input.

  "links" : [ ],
  "content" : [ {
    "@type" : "CatalogItemRequest",
    "id" : "ec813a12-68c3-40a2-9a33-7efa38e8e2c9",
    "iconId" : "Travel_100.png",
    "version" : 5,
    "requestNumber" : 1,
    "state" : "SUCCESSFUL",
    "description" : "Attending conference",
    "reasons" : "Cuz I wanna go to Austrailia",
    "requestedFor" : "",
    "requestedBy" : "",
    "organization" : {
      "tenantRef" : "MYCOMPANY",
      "tenantLabel" : "QETenant",
      "subtenantRef" : "27b85c29-2624-459d-91d6-09ad071c6eb1",
      "subtenantLabel" : "Finance"
    "requestorEntitlementId" : "7840175e-08e8-4152-a3f9-c53a4dd10f38",
    "preApprovalId" : null,
    "postApprovalId" : null,
    "dateCreated" : "2014-02-14T19:45:28.361Z",
    "lastUpdated" : "2014-02-14T19:48:27.690Z",
    "dateSubmitted" : "2014-02-14T19:45:28.361Z",
    "dateApproved" : null,
    "dateCompleted" : "2014-02-14T19:48:27.683Z",
    "quote" : {
      "leasePeriod" : {
        "type" : "timeSpan",
        "unit" : "DAYS",
        "amount" : 5
      "leaseRate" : {
        "type" : "moneyTimeRate",
        "cost" : {
          "type" : "money",
          "currencyCode" : null,
          "amount" : 213.0
        "basis" : {
          "type" : "timeSpan",
          "unit" : "DAYS",
          "amount" : 1
      "totalLeaseCost" : {
        "type" : "money",
        "currencyCode" : null,
        "amount" : 1065.0
    "requestCompletion" : {
      "requestCompletionState" : "SUCCESSFUL",
      "completionDetails" : "The request was successfully completed"
    "requestData" : {
      "entries" : [ {
        "key" : "provider-roomType",
        "value" : {
          "type" : "entityRef",
          "componentId" : null,
          "classId" : "roomType",
          "id" : "2",
          "label" : "Deluxe"
      }, {
        "key" : "provider-workspaceType",
        "value" : {
          "type" : "entityRef",
          "componentId" : null,
          "classId" : "workspaceType",
          "id" : "1",
          "label" : "Private Office"
      }, {
        "key" : "provider-arrivalDate",
        "value" : {
          "type" : "dateTime",
          "value" : "2014-02-21T19:44:00.000Z"
      }, {
        "key" : "provider-address",
        "value" : {
          "type" : "string",
          "value" : "25 McLaren Street\nNorth Sydney, NSW 2060\nAUS"
      }, {
        "key" : "provider-hotel",
        "value" : {
          "type" : "entityRef",
          "componentId" : null,
          "classId" : "hotel",
          "id" : "8",
          "label" : "Racecar Hotel"
      }, {
        "key" : "provider-location",
        "value" : {
          "type" : "entityRef",
          "componentId" : null,
          "classId" : "location",
          "id" : "3",
          "label" : "AUS-Sydney-Napier"
      }, {
        "key" : "provider-duration",
        "value" : {
          "type" : "integer",
          "value" : 5
      } ]