You can download the REST API Explorer from the vRealize Appliance management console and install it on your machine.

About this task

You can run java –version in a UNIX shell or Windows Command Prompt window to verify the version.

You can request verbose help for a specific command with help command_name.


  • Verify that your machine has Java SE Development Kit (JDK) 7 installed and running.

  • Verify your PATH environment variable includes the location of the correct version of Java.


  1. Open a Web browser.
  2. Navigate to the vRealize Appliance management console by using its fully qualified domain name,
  3. Download the REST API Explorer (vcac-cli) distribution package.
  4. Unzip the distribution package to a local folder.

    The local folder now contains the bin, repo, and etc folders.

  5. (UNIX only) Use chmod to grant execute privileges to the vcac-cli script.

    %chmod +x bin/vcac-cli

  6. (UNIX only) Determine which version of java the script uses.

    %sh -x bin/vcac-cli

  7. Update your PATH environment variable to include the location of the bin folder.

What to do next