Technical support for your vRealize Automation installation might involve a software patch, or hotfix, that you can install using the vRealize Appliance management interface.

About this task

The hotfix installer cannot patch the following vRealize Automation components.

  • The Management Agent

  • Non vSphere agents such as XenServer, VDI, or Hyper-V


  • Obtain the hotfix file, and copy it to the file system available to the machine where you run your Web browser.

  • Verify that all nodes in your vRealize Automation installation are up and running.

    If you attempt to install a hotfix without all nodes running, the vRealize Appliance management interface might become unresponsive. If that happens, contact technical support. Do not attempt to install patches through other means or otherwise use vRealize Automation until resolving the issue.


  1. Log in to the vRealize Appliance management interface as root.


  2. Click vRA Settings > Hotfix.
  3. Click New.
  4. Click Browse, and navigate to the hotfix file.

    You can click Back to select a different hotfix, or to return to the Hotfix page.

  5. Click Upload.
  6. Select the uploaded patch, and click Install.

    It might take several moments to install the patch. When installed, the status changes to COMPLETED.


If you need to uninstall a hotfix, Technical Support can provide a rollback hotfix that you install using the same procedure.

If you need to enable or disable the hotfix interface, use the following commands from a root login vRealize Appliance console session.

/opt/vmware/share/htdocs/service/hotfix/ enable
/opt/vmware/share/htdocs/service/hotfix/ disable