The system administrator schedules backups of the Identity Appliance single sign-on server on a regular basis.

As a best practice, back up your Identity Appliance, vRealize Appliance, and databases at the same time.

In addition, back up the Identity Appliance in the following cases:

You can use one or more of the following methods to create backups.

  • The vSphere Export function.

  • Cloning.

  • VMware vSphere Data Protection, to create backups of the entire appliance.

  • vSphere Replication, to replicate the virtual appliance to another site.

  • VMware Recovery Manager, to enable high availability by backing up the appliance to a different data center.

You can use snapshots for backups only if you store or replicate them to a location other than the appliance location. If the snapshot image is accessible after a failure, using it is the most direct way to recover the appliance.