A system administrator creates a custom RDP file and provides fabric administrators, tenant administrators, and business group managers with the full pathname for the file so it can be included in blueprints.

About this task


If you are using Internet Explorer with Enhanced Security Configuration enabled, .rdp files cannot be downloaded.


Log in to the IaaS Manager Service as an administrator.


  1. Set your current directory to <vCAC_installation_dir>\Rdp.
  2. Copy the file Default.rdp and rename it to Console.rdp in the same directory.
  3. Open the Console.rdp file in an editor.
  4. Add RDP settings to the file.

    For example, connect to console:i:1.

  5. If you are working in a distributed environment, log in as a user with administrative privileges to the IaaS Host Machine where the Model Manager Website component is installed.
  6. Copy the Console.rdp file to the directory <vCAC_installation_dir>\Website\Rdp.

What to do next

See Enabling Remote Desktop Connections for an overview of steps and options for making RDP connections available. Consult your IaaS configuration guide for next steps for your site configuration.