The vRealize Automation system has been updated to use an internal database that now offers clustering and streaming replication. Users must update new and existing vRealize Automation 6.x systems to use this new Appliance Database.

About this task

Designate one vRealize Appliance as the primary Appliance Database machine and the second as the secondary Appliance Database machine. When configured correctly, each appliance can support the Appliance Database as needed.


The Appliance Database replication channel is not encrypted.


  • Create DNS entry, for example: dbCluster.domain.local

  • IP address allocated for load balancer.

  • Two installed vRealize Appliances freshly deployed and resolvable through DNS.

  • The user configuring the Appliance Database must have Administrator access to vSphere in order to add new disks to the vRealize Appliances.

  • Download the file from the VMware Knowledge Base.

    The link is if you need to paste it into a browser.