After the Identity Appliance certificate is updated, the system administrator updates the vRealize Appliance with the new certificate information. This process reestablishes trusted communications between the virtual appliances.

About this task

Use the import-certificate command to import the SSL certificate from the Identity Appliance into the SSL keystore used by the vRealize Appliance. The alias value specifies the alias under which the imported certificate is stored in the keystore, and url is the address of the SSL endpoint.


  1. Start Putty or another Unix SSL remote login tool.
  2. Log in to the vRealize Appliance with user name root and the password you specified when deploying the appliance.
  3. Execute the import-certificate command:

    /usr/sbin/vcac-config import-certificate --alias websso --url

    For example:

    /usr/sbin/vcac-config import-certificate --alias websso --url

  4. Restart the vRealize Appliance.
  5. Navigate to the vRealize Appliance management console by using its fully qualified domain name,
  6. Select System > Reboot.
  7. Click Services and wait for all services to be registered.


The certificate is updated on the vRealize Appliance.