If a failure occurs, a system administrator restores the Identity Appliance.

You can restore the Identity Appliance either by redeploying it or by importing a snapshot of the appliance.

  • To restore the Identity Appliance by redeploying, see Installation and Configuration documentation for vRealize Automation.

    • If you have tenants other than the default tenant, reconfigure them.

    • If you change the hostname of the Identity Appliance, reconfigure the SSO settings on each vCloud Automation Center Appliance management console to point to the new name.

  • To restore the Identity Appliance from a snapshot, import it from an appropriate image.

  • To restore the Identity Appliance using VMware vSphere Data Protection or Replication, follow the steps to deploy the Identity Appliance in Installation and Configuration.

After you restore the Identity Appliance, restore the vCloud Automation Center Appliance and, if required, your load balancers. See Restore the vRealize Appliance and Load Balancer.