You can apply custom branding on a customer level to vRealize Automation tenant login pages.

About this task

Custom branding configured using this procedure applies to all tenants for a particular customer.


Complete the tenant configuration process as described in Create and Configure a Tenant.


  1. Create a file named mybranding.txt that contains your branding content, and save it to the /etc/ folder under your vRealize Appliance installation.

    The content must be what you want for the value of the "vmwSTSBrandName" LDAP string.

  2. Run the following command to ensure that the vcac user has read permissions for the branding file.

    Chmod 744/etc/mybranding.txt

  3. Add the following instruction to the /etc/vcac/setenv-user file.

    VCAC_OPTS="$VCAC_OPTS -Dcom.vmware.vcac.tenant.branding.file=/etc/mybranding.txt

  4. Run the following command to restart the vRealize Automation Tomcat server.

    /etc/init.d/vcac-server restart

  5. Log in to the system as a tenant manager and update existing tenants to implement the branding.

    The specified branding applies to all new tenants automatically.

What to do next

Verify that the tenant login page is appropriately branded by logging in and accessing the updated tenant.