You can edit the automatic email templates used by the IaaS service when notifying machine owners and managers.

About this task

You can customize the text and format of the automatic email for an IaaS event by editing the XSLT template for the event. You can find the following IaaS templates in the directory \Templates under the vRealize Automation server install directory (typically %SystemDrive%\Program Files x86\VMware\vCAC\Server).

For related information about configuring vRealize Automation email notifications, see the following Knowledge Base articles:

To modify the email notification setting for machine expirations, use the vRealize Automation Global Properties page. See Customize the Date for Email Notification for Machine Expiration.

  • ArchivePeriodExpired

  • EpiRegister

  • EpiUnregister

  • LeaseAboutToExpire

  • LeaseExpired

  • LeaseExpiredPowerOff

  • ManagerLeaseAboutToExpire

  • ManagerLeaseExpired

  • ManagerReclamationExpiredLeaseModified

  • ManagerReclamationForcedLeaseModified

  • ReclamationExpiredLeaseModified

  • ReclamationForcedLeaseModified

  • VdiRegister

  • VdiUnregister


Log in to the IaaS Manager Service host using administrator credentials.


  1. Change to the directory \Templates.
  2. Edit an XSLT template as required.