After the virtual appliance certificates are updated, the system administrator updates the IaaS server running the Model Manager Data component registry to reestablish trusted communications between the virtual appliances and IaaS components.

About this task

Execute the vcac-Config.exe command with the UpdateServerCertificates argument to update the IaaS database to recognize the new vRealize Appliance certificate.

For help on the vcac-Config command, type the following at a command prompt:

vcac-Config.exe help


  1. Open a command prompt as an administrator and navigate to the Cafe directory on the Model Manager Data installation machine.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\vCAC\Server\Model Manager Data\Cafe

  2. Type the following command to update the IaaS database with the certificate information in one step. Supply the IaaS database name (vcac, by default) and the fully qualified domain name of the database server.

    vcac-Config.exe UpdateServerCertificates -d vcac_database -s sql_database_server -v

    For example:

    vcac-Config.exe UpdateServerCertificates -d vCAC -s tr-w2008-13.eng.mycompany -v


    The version of the command shown here, without the thumbprint argument, downloads the certificate in one step.

  3. (Optional) If you use self-signed certificates or certificates signed by a custom certificate authority (CA), verify that the Windows servers that host the Manager Service, DEMs, and IaaS Website trust the new certificate and its certificate chain.
  4. (Optional) Add the virtual appliance certificate to the trusted store if it is not trusted and recheck that Windows servers now trust the certificate and its certificate chain.
  5. Type iisreset to reset IIS.

    For high-availability installations, reset IIS for all servers that are part of your installation.