You can create a service to organize catalog items into related offerings.


Log in to the vRealize Automation console as a tenant administrator or service architect.


  1. Select Administration > Catalog Management > Services.
  2. Click Add (Add a new resource action).
  3. Enter a name and, optionally, a description.
  4. (Optional) Click Browse to select an icon for the service and click Open.
  5. (Optional) Select a status for the service from the Status drop-down menu.




    Service is saved in a draft state and cannot be published to the catalog.


    Service can be published in the catalog.

  6. (Optional) Configure information to display to users of the service when they browse the catalog.
    1. Select the availability of internal support services teams from the Hours drop-down menus.
    2. Enter the name of the service owner in the Owner text box and press Enter.
    1. Enter the name of the person or group of persons in charge of the service in the Support Team text box and press Enter.
    2. Select a time for scheduled maintenance from the Change Window drop-down menus.
  7. Click Add.

What to do next

Associate your catalog item with a service.