vSphere, vCloud Director, and SCVMM platforms support reconfiguration of existing machines to accommodate changes in workload demand.

About this task

A business group manager, support user, or machine owner can perform the following tasks:

  • Reconfigure CPU or memory

  • (vSphere and vApp only) Reconfigure network and Storage

  • Change description

  • Add, edit, and delete properties

  • Reconfigure shutdown

Reconfiguration requests are subject to approval based on entitlements, policies, and specifications on the machine blueprint. You cannot reconfigure any machines if you are not entitled to the Reconfigure (Machine) actions, and you might not be able reconfigure a specific machine if the machine blueprint does not allow reconfigure. If your machine is provisioned on SCVMM, you cannot reconfigure networks or storage.

If you are entitled to the Cancel Reconfigure (Machine) and Execute Reconfigure (Machine) actions, you can cancel a reconfiguration or retry a failed reconfiguration.


  • Log in to the vRealize Automation console as a machine owner, support user, tenant administrator, or business group manager.

  • The machine you want to reconfigure has the status On or Off with no active reconfigure status.