You can perform actions on a provisioned machine relative to its status as a Virtual, Physical, or Cloud machine.

The options you see on the Action menu for your provisioned machine include actions that were specified on the machine's blueprint, and might include custom menu operations created by your service architects. You only see options that your tenant administrator or business group manager entitled you to use.

For information about actions, see Foundations and Concepts. For information about creating resource actions to provide users with custom menu operations, see Advanced Service Design.

Table 1. Action Menu Options Available on the Machine Page from the Items Tab

Connect using RDP

Connect to the selected machine using Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol.

Connect using SSH

Connect to the selected machine using SSH.

This option requires that the Machine.SSH custom property is included, and set to true, in the machine blueprint's build profile or Properties page.

Connect to remote console

Connect to the selected machine using VMware Remote Console.


Destroy a machine.

Machines are destroyed when their lease expires.

This action is not available for physical machines.


Decommission a physical machine.

Physical machines are decommissioned when their lease expires.

This action is only available for physical machines.

Change Lease

Change the machine's lease duration period.


Terminate the machine's lease.


(vSphere machines, SCVMM machines, and vApp component machines only)

A business group manager, support user, or machine owner can perform the following tasks:

  • Reconfigure CPU or memory

  • (vSphere and vApp only) Reconfigure network and storage

  • Change description

  • Add, edit, and delete properties

  • Reconfigure shutdown

Business group managers and support users can change ownership of a machine.

Power On

Power on the machine.

if the machine was suspended, normal operation resumes from the point at which the machine was suspended.

Power Off

Power off the machine without shutting down the guest operating system.

Power Cycle

Power off the machine, then power it back on.


Shut down the machine, then power it back on.

Shut Down

Shut down the guest operating system and power off the machine.


Pause the machine so that it cannot be used and does not consume any system resources other than the storage it is currently using.