You can enable remote console capabilities through VMware Remote Console (VMRC) when you provision machines with vApps for vCloud Director.

About this task

The first time you use this feature, you must install the VMRC plug-in on client browsers.


  1. Select Connect to Remote Console from the Actions menu on the Items tab of the vRealize Automation console.

    If the VMRC plug-in is not present or is disabled, you are prompted to download it.

  2. Enable pop-ups if prompted.
  3. When you see the following message, click the link for your operating system to download the installation program.
    VMRC Plug-in is not installed or is disabled by your browser. 
    To install, download and run the installation program for your 
    operating system: Windows, Linux 32-bit, or Linux 64-bit.
  4. Close all browsers.
  5. Select the installation program and right-click.
  6. On Windows, select Run as Administrator and install the plug-in.
  7. Reopen a browser.
  8. Log in to vRealize Automation.
  9. Select Allow user to activate remote console at the prompt.


VMRC functionality is available when you select Connect to Remote Console from the Actions Menu.