You can configure an approval form to allow the approvers to change the values of system properties for machine resource settings such as CPU, Lease, or Memory and custom properties before they complete an approval request.

About this task

Only system properties and custom properties that consumers can edit display their original values to approvers on the approval form.

Custom properties you add to the approval form overwrite any other instances of that custom property for example, in blueprints, build profiles or endpoints. If your approver decides not to enter a value for the custom property, the value is not inherited from an existing implementation of the custom property.


Log in to the vRealize Automation console as a tenant administrator or approval administrator.


  1. On the Pre Approval or Post Approval tab, select an existing approval policy in the draft state.
  2. Click the Approval Form tab.
  3. Select system properties you want the approver to configure during approval.
  4. Add a custom property you want approvers to configure during a pre-provisioning approval phase.

    Multiple custom properties can be selected and removed concurrently.

    1. Click the Add icon (Add).
    2. Type the custom property value and click Add.
  5. Click Add again.