If you have multiple vRealize Automation 6.2.x tenants and IaaS administrators, use the tenant migration tool to migrate your tenant administrators into your newly synchronized vsphere.local tenant. Otherwise, you can manually add them to the vsphere.local tenants.


  1. Login to the management console of the master vRealize Automation appliance you just upgraded.
  2. Select the vRA Settings > SSO tab.
  3. Right-click Identity Stores Migration Tool and select Copy Link Address.
  4. Login to your 6.2.x SSO virtual appliance with SSH .
  5. Enter a command of the form wget --no-check-certificate <URL_address> to download the migration zip file.

    For example, wget -no-check-certificate https://vahostname.vcac.local:5480/service/cafe/download/vra-sso-migration.zip

  6. Unzip the migration file into a folder.

    unzip vra-sso-migration.zip

  7. Change directory to bin.

    cd bin

  8. Edit the migration.properties file in the bin folder to change the value of property vra.system.admin.username from administrator to administrator@vsphere.local with the full address including tenant extension.
  9. Enter the command ./reassign-tenant-administrators to migrate your tenants and IaaS administrators to your newly synchronized vsphere.local tenant.

    Even if you see your tenant users assigned in your tenant prior to running this command, you need to run this command to register your users in Horizon to obtain full tenant administrator privileges.

  10. Log in to the vRealize Automation appliance default tenant as tenant administrator and for each tenant verify that under the Administrators tab you can see the list of migrated tenant administrators.

What to do next

Upgrade the secondary appliances. See Install the Update on Additional vRealize Automation Appliances.