Some sites might connect to the Internet through a proxy server.


Your deployment cannot connect to the open Internet. For example, you cannot access Web sites, public clouds that you manage, or vendor addresses from which you download software or updates.


Your site connects to the Internet through a proxy server.


Obtain proxy server names, port numbers, and credentials from the administrator for your site.


  1. Point a Web browser to the vRealize Automation appliance management console:


  2. Log in with the user name root and the password that you set when you deployed the appliance.
  3. Click the Network tab.
  4. Enter your site proxy server FQDN or IP address, and port number.
  5. If your proxy server requires credentials, enter the user name and password.
  6. Click Save Settings.

What to do next

Configuring to use a proxy might affect VMware Identity Manager user access. To correct the issue, see Proxy Prevents VMware Identity Manager User Log In.