The Windows server that hosts the vRealize Automation IaaS SQL Server database must meet certain prerequisites.

The requirements apply whether you run the Installation Wizard or the legacy setup_vrealize-automation-appliance-URL.exe installer and select the database role for installation. The prerequisites also apply if you separately create an empty SQL Server database for use with IaaS.

  • Use a supported SQL Server version from the vRealize Automation Support Matrix.

  • Configure SQL Server on port 1433, the default. Do not use a non-default port.

  • Enable TCP/IP protocol for SQL Server.

  • Enable the Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) service on all IaaS Windows servers and the machine that hosts SQL Server. IaaS uses DTC for database transactions and actions such as workflow creation.


    If you clone a machine to make an IaaS Windows server, install DTC on the clone after cloning. If you clone a machine that already has DTC, its unique identifier is copied to the clone, which causes communication to fail. See Error in Manager Service Communication.

    For more about DTC enablement, see VMware Knowledge Base article 2038943.

  • Open ports between all IaaS Windows servers and the machine that hosts SQL Server. See Port Requirements.

    Alternatively, if site policies allow, you may disable firewalls between IaaS Windows servers and SQL Server.