Software automates the installation, configuration, and life cycle management of middleware and application deployment components such as Oracle, MySQL, WAR, and DB Schemas.

Enterprise users can standardize, deploy, configure, update, and uninstall complex applications in dynamic cloud environments. These applications can range from simple Web applications to complex custom applications and packaged applications. Artifact management supports the use of logical names for build files and other types of software artifacts, allowing users to deploy applications without regard for the physical location or identifier of such files.

Software architects create reusable Software components, and IaaS architects create reusable machine blueprints. Software and Application architects can use the drag-and-drop interface to create visual application blueprints that combine Software components with vSphere, vCloud Air, or Amazon AWS machine blueprints, and can bind Software properties to other properties in the application blueprint.

By using a configurable scriptable engine, software architect fully control how middleware and application deployment components are installed, configured, and uninstalled on machines. Through the use of Software properties, software architects can require or allow blueprint architects and end-users to specify configuration elements such as environment variables. For repeated deployments, these blueprints standardize the structure of the application, including machine blueprints, software components, dependencies, and configurations, but can allow environment variables and property binding to be reconfigured if necessary.