If you have dependencies in your application blueprint, you can configure the blueprint to stagger the build process by mapping those dependencies directly on the canvas. For example, if you need properties from your database node to install software on your webserver node, you can configure your blueprint to provision the database node first.

When you design blueprints with multiple machines, on which you install and configure applications, you might have properties you need from one machine to complete an installation on another. For example if you are building a Web server you might need the IP address or host name of the Database Server before you can install the application and instantiate the database tables.

To map a dependency on your blueprint canvas, you draw a line from the dependent component to the component you are depending on. When you are finished, the component you want to build second has an arrow pointing to the component you want to build first. For example, in the Mapping Dependencies to Control Build Order figure, the App_Server machine is not provisioned until the DB_Server machine is built. Alternatively, you could allow both machines to provision and draw the dependency between the software components instead.

Figure 1. Mapping Dependencies to Control Build Order

Mapping build order dependencies on the blueprint canvas.