After upgrading VMware vRealize ™ Automation from 6.2.x to 7.x, the administrator is unable to migrate users with the provided utilities.


The migrate-identity-stores.bat or reassign-tenant-administrators.bat files do not migrate users after upgrade.


This can happen when you install vRealize Automation in a non-default location.


  1. Open a command prompt on the machine where you installed VMware vCenter Single Sign-On.
  2. Change directories to the migration tool root\bin subfolder that is created when you open
  3. Open setenv.bat and change the drive letter in the VC_INSTALL_HOME variable to the drive letter where you installed vRealize Automation: SET VC_INSTALL_HOME=Non-Default Drive Letter:\Program Files\VMware.
  4. Save your changes and close setenv.bat.


The batch files work as expected.