Business groups are missing or data is missing from business groups.


When you look for known business groups, the business group is missing from Administration > Users and Groups > Business Groups or the business group is not interacting with reservations or entitlements as expected.


Business group information exists in two databases, CAFE and IaaS, and the information must be the same. During standard operations, the databases remain synchronized. If you encounter this problem, you might need to force a synchronization.

The problem can appear after you upgrade if the synchronization does to run as expected. It can also appear if you use the API to update the IaaS database with a new or modified business group.


Ensure that you can run command line commands. See Use Command Line Mode.


  1. Enter the command string on the vcac-cli command line.

    What the command updates


    Shortened version of command

    To synchronize the CAFE database to with the IaaS values.

    Vcac-Config.exe SynchronizeDatabases --DatabaseSyncSource IaaS -v

    Vcac-Config.exe SynchronizeDatabases -dss IaaS -v

    To synchronize the IaaS database to with the CAFE values.

    Vcac-Config.exe SynchronizeDatabases --DatabaseSyncSource Cafe -v

    Vcac-Config.exe SynchronizeDatabases -dss Cafe -v