You can specify a reservation policy to manage the network communications for machines provisioned by the blueprint. When requesting machine provisioning, the reservation policy is used to group the reservations that can be considered for the deployment. The routed gateway reservation policy is also referred to as an Edge reservation policy.

Networking information is contained in each reservation. When the machines are provisioned, a routed gateway is allocated as the network router to manage network communications for the provisioned machines in the deployment. You can add or edit blueprint-level properties by using the blueprint properties page.

vRealize Automation provisions a routed gateway, for example an edge services gateway, for NAT networks and for load balancers. For routed networks, vRealize Automation uses existing distributed routers.

The reservation used to provision the routed gateway determines the external network used for NAT and routed network profiles, as well as the load balancer virtual IP addresses.

When you use the blueprint to provision a machine deployment, vRealize Automation attempts to use only the reservations associated with the specified reservation policy to provision the routed gateway.