Install the Windows guest agent on a Windows reference machines to run as a Windows service and enable further customization of machines.


  • Identify or create the reference machine.

  • If you want to use the most secure approach for establishing trust between the guest agent and your Manager Service machine, obtain the SSL certificate in PEM format from your Manager Service machine. For more information about how the guest agent establishes trust, see Configuring the Windows Guest Agent to Trust a Server.


  1. Navigate to the vCloud Automation Center Appliance management console installation page.

    For example:

  2. Download and save the Windows guest agent installation file to the C drive of your reference machine.
    • Windows guest agent files (32-bit.)

    • Windows guest agent files (64-bit.)

  3. Install the guest agent on the reference machine.
    1. Right-click the file and select Properties.
    2. Click General.
    3. Click Unblock.
    4. Extract the files.

    This produces the directory C:\VRMGuestAgent. Do not rename this directory.

  4. Configure the guest agent to communicate with the Manager Service.
    1. Open an elevated command prompt.
    2. Navigate to C:\VRMGuestAgent.
    3. Configure the guest agent to trust your Manager Service machine.



      Allow the guest agent to trust the first machine to which it connects.

      No configuration required.

      Manually install the trusted PEM file.

      Place the Manager Service PEM file in the C:\VRMGuestAgent\ directory.

    4. Run winservice -i -h Manager_Service_Hostname_fdqn:portnumber -p ssl.

      The default port number for the Manager Service is 443.



      If you are using a load balancer

      Enter the fully qualified domain name and port number of your Manager Service load balancer. For example, winservice -i -h -p ssl.

      With no load balancer

      Enter the fully qualified domain name and port number of your Manager Service machine. For example, winservice -i -h -p ssl.

      If you are preparing an Amazon machine image

      You need to specify that you are using Amazon. For example, winservice -i -h -p ssl -c ec2


The name of the Windows service is VCACGuestAgentService. You can find the installation log VCAC-GuestAgentService.log in C:\VRMGuestAgent.

What to do next

Convert your reference machine into a template for cloning, an Amazon machine image, or a snapshot so your IaaS architects can use your template when creating blueprints.