You can create an endpoint to connect to an OpenStack instance.

About this task

vRealize Automation supports several flavors of OpenStack. For the most current information about OpenStack flavor support, see the Support Matrix at



  1. Select Infrastructure > Endpoints > Endpoints.
  2. Select New Endpoint > Cloud > OpenStack.
  3. Enter a name and, optionally, a description.
  4. Enter the URL for the endpoint in the Address text box.

    This specifies the fully qualified host name or IP address of the OpenStack keystone identity server. The URL must be of the format FQDN:5000 or IP_address:5000.

    For example:


    Do not include the /v2.0 suffix in the endpoint address.

  5. Select the Credentials for the endpoint.

    The credentials you provide must have the administrator role in the OpenStack tenant associated with the endpoint.

  6. Enter an OpenStack tenant name in the OpenStack project text box.

    If you set up multiple endpoints with different OpenStack tenants, create reservation policies for each tenant. This ensures that machines are provisioned to the appropriate tenant resources.

  7. (Optional) Add custom properties.
  8. Click OK.

What to do next

Add the compute resources from your endpoint to a fabric group. See Create a Fabric Group.