When you add a service, catalog item, or action to an entitlement, you allow the users and groups identified in the entitlement to request the provisionable items in the service catalog. Actions are associated with items and appear on the Items tab for the requesting user.

There are several user roles with permission to create entitlements for business groups.

  • Tenant administrators can create entitlements for any business group in their tenant.

  • Business group managers can create entitlements for the groups that they manage.

  • Catalog administrators can create entitlements for any business group in their tenant.

When you create an entitlement, you must select a business group and specify individual users and groups in the business group for the entitlement.

To understand how to create an entitlement so that you can use the interactions of services, catalog items, and actions with approvals to provide the correct items in the service catalog, see Creating an Entitlement.


  • Log in to the vRealize Automation console as a tenant administrator or catalog administrator.

  • Verify that the catalog items to which you are entitling users are associated with a service. See Add Catalog Items to a Service.

  • Verify that the business group for which you are defining the entitlement exists and that the member users and user groups are defined. See Create a Business Group.

  • Verify that the approval policies exist if you plan to add approvals when you create this entitlement. See Create an Approval Policy. If you want to entitle users to the items in the service catalog without approvals, you can modify the entitlement later to add approvals to one or more services, catalog items, and actions.


  1. Select Administration > Catalog Management > Entitlements.
  2. Click the New icon (Add).
  3. Configure the Details options.

    Details determine how the entitlement appears in the entitlement list and which users have access to the items in the service catalog.



    Name and Description

    Information about the entitlement that appears in the entitlements list.

    Expiration Date

    Set the date and time if you want the entitlement to become inactive on a particular date.


    Possible values include Draft, Active, Inactive.

    • Draft. Items are not available in the service catalog and have never been active. After an entitlement is active, you can never return it to a draft status.

    • Active. Items are available in the service catalog. This option is available when you add or edit entitlements.

    • Inactive. Items are not available in the service catalog, but the entitlement was once active. The entitlement was deactivated by the expiration date or by a user.

    Business Group

    Select a business group. You can create entitlements for only one business group and entitled users must be members of the business group.

    If you want an entitlement available to all users, you must either have an All Users business group and a custom user group that includes all users, or you must create entitlements for each business group.

    If you are logged in as a business group manager, you can create entitlements only for your business group.

    Users and Groups

    Add one or more users or groups. The available users or groups are limited to members of the selected business group.

    If the status is Draft, you do not need to specify users or groups. To activate an entitlement, you must specify at least one user or group.

  4. Click Next.
  5. Click an New icon (Add) to entitle users to services, catalog items, or actions with this entitlement.

    You can create an entitlement with various combinations of the services, items, and actions.



    Entitled Services

    Add a service when you want to allow entitled users access to all the published catalog items associated with the service.

    An entitled service is a dynamic entitlement. If an item is added to the service at a later date, it is added to the service catalog for the entitled users. Entitlements can include both services and individual catalog items.

    Entitled Items

    Add individual items that are available to the entitled users.

    Entitlements can include both services and individual catalog items. To apply a different approval policy to an item that is included in the service, add it as a catalog item. The approval policy on an item takes precedence over the approval policy on the service to which it belongs when they are in the same entitlement. If they are in different entitlements, the order is based on the set priority.

    Catalog items must be associated with a service to be available in the service catalog. The catalog item can be associated with any service, not just a service in the current entitlement.

    Entitled Actions

    Add actions when you want to allow users to run the actions for a provisioned item.

    Actions that you want to run on the items provisioned from this entitlement must be included in the same entitlement.

    Entitled actions do not appear in the service catalog. They appear on the Items tab for a provisioned item.

    Actions only apply to items defined in this entitlement

    Determines if the entitled actions are entitled for all applicable service catalog items or only the items in this entitlement.

    If selected, the actions are entitled to the business group members for the applicable items in this entitlement. This method of entitling the actions is recommended because it allows you to specify the actions for the specific items.

    If the option is not selected, the actions are entitled to the users specified in the entitlement for all applicable catalog items, whether or not the items are included in this entitlement. Any applied approval policies on these actions are also active.

  6. Use the drop-down menus in each section to filter the available items.
  7. Select the check boxes to include items to the entitlement.
  8. To add an approval policy to the selected service, item, or action, select an approval policy from the Apply this Policy to selected Items drop-down menu.

    If you apply an approval policy to a service, all the items in the service have the same approval policy. To apply a different policy to an item, add it as a catalog item an apply the appropriate policy.

  9. Click OK.

    The service, item, or action is added to the entitlement.

  10. Click Finish to save the entitlement.


If entitlement status is active, the service and items are added to the service catalog.

What to do next

Verify that the entitled services and catalog items appear in the service catalog for the entitled users and that the requested items provision the target objects as expected. You can request the item on behalf of the selected users.