As a system administrator, you can create additional vRealize Automation tenants so that users can access the appropriate applications and resources that they need to complete their work assignments.

A tenant is a group of users with specific privileges who work within a software instance. Typically, a default vRealize Automation tenant is created during system installation and initial configuration. After that, administrators can create additional tenants so that users can log in and complete their work assignments. Administrators can create as many tenants as needed for system operation. When creating tenants, administrators must specify basic configuration such as name, login URL, local users, and administrators. After configuring basic tenant information, the tenant administrator must log in and set up an appropriate Active Directory connection using the Directories Management functionality on the Administrative tab of the vRealize Automation console. In addition, tenant administrators can apply custom branding to tenants.


Log in to the vRealize Automation console as a system administrator.