You create pre-approval and post-approval workflow subscriptions so that you can send an approval request to an external system for processing. The response, approved or rejected, is then processed by vRealize Automation.

Approval Service Integration

You create a pre-approval or post-approval workflow subscription that runs a custom vRealize Orchestrator workflow that processes the approval request in a system outside of vRealize Automation.

In an approval policy approval level, you can select Use event subscription as the approver. This level can be one of several in an approval policy. When a service catalog user requests an item to which an approval policy is applied that includes the Use event subscription approver, the approval service sends a message to the event broker service with the following results.

  • If you have a published workflow subscription with matching criteria, vRealize Orchestrator runs your approve or reject workflow.
  • If you have a published workflow subscription, but the criteria do not match, you unpublished the workflow subscription, or you do not have a published subscription, the approval level is approved and the approval process goes to the next approval level.

The approval workflow subscription receives messages from the approval service and compares the messages to the configured criteria for approval subscriptions. When it finds a message that matches the criteria, the selected vRealize Orchestrator workflow starts to run. The published event data is passed to the workflow as input and processed in the method specified in the workflow. The results of the workflow are returned to vRealize Automation and the request is processed. If approved, the next approval level is evaluated. If rejected, the request is rejected. If the approval service does not receive a reply within 24 hours, the default timeout for the approval service, the request is processed as rejected.