You can use the REST API reservation service to create a reservation policy.


Use the supported input parameters to control the command output.

Parameter Description
URL https://$host/reservation-service/api/reservations/policies
Method Post

Specifies the host name and fully qualified domain name or IP address of the vRealize Automation identity server.


Specifies a valid HTTP bearer token with necessary credentials.

HTTP body Describes the reservation policy to create.
  • $name - reservation policy name
  • $description - reservation policy description
$reservationPolicyTypeId Specifies the reservation policy type ID. The supported reservation policy types are Reservation.Policy.ComputeResource and Reservation.Policy.Storage.


The command output contains property names and values based on the command input parameters.

The output URL contains the new reservation policy ID.

Property Description
status When the reservation policy is successfully created, the HTTP response status is 201 created.
Header.Location The HTTP response contains a Location attribute that is format as https://$host /reservation-service/api/reservations/policies/$reservationPolicyId.
$reservationPolicyId Specifies the new reservation policy ID. Obtain this ID by listing your available reservation policies.

curl Command

The following example command uses the reservation service to create a new reservation policy.

curl --insecure -H "Accept:application/json" 
-H "Authorization: Bearer $token" 
https://$host/reservation-service/api/reservations/policies -d “
  "name": "ABXReservationPolicyTest",
  "description": "ABXReservationPolicyDescTest",
  "reservationPolicyTypeId": "Infrastructure.Reservation.Policy.ComputeResource"

JSON Output

The following example output contains the HTTP body and a location URL. The output URL contains the new reservation policy ID, for example 5fd2de36-659f-4beb-97af-77d683feb697.


Copy the location URL from this output to an editor for future use, for example for updating or deleting the reservation policy.