When you enable Integrated Windows Authentication, the Directory configuration is changed to enable the DNS Service Location field. The connector service location lookup is not site aware. If you want to override the random DC selection, you can create a file called domain_krb.properties and add the domain to host values that take precedence over SRV lookup.


  1. From the appliance-va command line, log in as the user with root privileges.
  2. Change directories to /usr/local/horizon/conf and create a file called domain_krb.properties.
  3. Edit the domain_krb.properties file to add the list of the domain to host values. Add the information as <AD Domain>=<host:port>, <host2:port2>, <host2:port2>.

    For example, enter the list as example.com=examplehost.com:636, examplehost2.example.com:389

  4. Change the owner of the domain_krb.properties file to horizon and group to www. Enter chown horizon:www /usr/local/horizon/conf/domain_krb.properties.
  5. Restart the service. Enter service horizon-workspace restart.