This section lists vRealize Automation custom properties that begin with the letter L.

Table 1. Custom Properties L Table




Specifies the location type of the customization script named in the Linux.ExternalScript.Name property. This can be either local or nfs.

You must also specify the script location using the Linux.ExternalScript.Path property. If the location type is nfs, also use the Linux.ExternalScript.Server property.


Specifies the name of an optional customization script, for example, that the Linux guest agent runs after the operating system is installed. This property is available for Linux machines cloned from templates on which the Linux agent is installed.

If you specify an external script, you must also define its location by using the Linux.ExternalScript.LocationType and Linux.ExternalScript.Path properties.


Specifies the local path to the Linux customization script or the export path to the Linux customization on the NFS server. The value must begin with a forward slash and not include the file name, for example /scripts/linux/


Specifies the name of the NFS server, for example lab-ad.lab.local, on which the Linux external customization script named in Linux.ExternalScript.Name is located.


Set to True to enable software install options.