To create a vCloud Air endpoint, you must provide vRealize Automation with the required vCloud Air region and the management URL.


The vCloud Air management URL is also the URL of the vCloud Director server used to manage a specific virtual data center (vDC). You can use the region information and the management URL to configure your vCloud Air endpoint.

Locate the Management URL for each region vDC from the vCloud Air Console.


  1. Log in to vCloud Air console with administrative privileges.
  2. From the vCloud Air dashboard, select your virtual data center.
  3. Click the link to display a URL for the virtual data center for use in API commands.

    For example:

    The Management URL that you need to provide to vRealize Automation is the host and port portion of the API command URL, and the region is the portion of the URL that follows cloud/org/. In the example provided, the Management URL is, and the region is vCloudAutomation.