The XaaS blueprints can be published as catalog items or used in the blueprint design canvas. The resource actions are actions that you run on provisioned items.

XaaS uses vRealize Orchestrator to run workflows that provision items or run actions. For example, you can configure the workflows to create vSphere virtual machines, Active Directory users in groups, or PowerShell scripts. If you create a custom vRealize Orchestrator workflow, you can provide that workflow as an item in the service catalog so that the entitled users can run the workflow.

Using XaaS Blueprints in the Blueprint Design Canvas

If you use an XaaS blueprint in the design canvas as a machine blueprint component, the XaaS blueprint is excluded from the scale in and scale out actions that you can run on your deployment. Any changes that you make to the XaaS component in a deployment are not recognized by the scale actions. If you want to align your XaaS component with the scale changes you made to the deployment, you must run those actions separately on the XaaS component using XaaS resource actions.